Steve On Comedy

Comedy is my favorite thing about life. My own comedy in particular. When I do something I think is funny and other people do not agree or do not laugh, a small voice in my head asks me why they are so wierd and I sort of feel sorry for them while I also hate them a little for not getting me (huge run on, sorry Mrs. D-10th grade english teacher).

For instance today I facilitated a meeting at work for two colleagues I hadn’t met previously and I had to prepare an agenda. As I finished typing my meeting agenda I realized I’d only filled a half of a page with text. I was worried they wouldn’t think I was green enough if I handed them a half-page agenda on a full page. I know there is a way to print two halves on one page but I gave up after two attempts. I consider myself a bit of an engineer so I quickly arrived at a solution, I brought my full-page agendas to the copy room and used the large paper-cutter from 1972 to make them green half-sized agendas. After discarding the unused portions of paper, I proceeded to the meeting.

With pride I handed them each a half-page agenda and I talked about how green I was. Appropriately, they each agreed  that I had made the environmentally correct decision. Instead of moving on, I explained what I had done thinking they would laugh, they did not. They looked at me as though I had just burned down a natural habitat somewhere with a cigarette butt. I felt shame then and told them I would be using the cut off pieces as scratch paper so I lied on top of it. It probably didn’t help that I had extra onions on my sandwich about an hour before and they room we used was small. I also explained this to them and they didn’t laugh but one of them gave me a stick of gum. Then I had to talk and chew gum for the rest of the meeting. I found it very difficult and I was nervous that I would spit on one them by accident…which I did…a couple of times.

Chalk up two more for the growing list of people who don’t understand my comedic genius.

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Steve On Introductions

Hi. I am Steve. I am reasonably sure no one will ever read this or any of my posts so I write instead to that great nameless nothing. I am sure you will be a kind and caring audience who will never judge me too harshly or at all really since you are not there.

I guess this is where I should describe myself but I won’t other than to say that I think I may be a narcissist. I hope I am wrong.

Life is grand and God has been so good to me. Words cannot express how tremendous this ride has been but lately I’ve just felt like writing some down anyway just for the record.

So audience of no one if you don’t mind random thoughts, run on sentences and general nonsense I hope you will join me on this new journey.



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